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Bankruptcy and personal insolvency solutions for individuals,
sole traders, partnerships and directors
across England and Wales

"I was deep in debt and fearful of losing my house and job. Kealey Consulting helped me get free from debt AND save my family home too"

Sole Trader

Sole traders fear personal liability for their debts. A variety of options are available for individuals and professional advice should be taken at the earliest opportunity. Being insolvent does not necessarily mean you must close your business. If the business remains viable, solutions are available that will allow a rescheduling of debt repayments


If the business remains viable a Partnership Voluntary Arrangement would allow you to carry on trading and make payments from future trading. Separate IVA's may also be necessary. If the partnership can't carry on, a partnership liquidation may be necessary. For some, an administration order might be better

Company Director

Company directors are not necessarily free from worries and concerns about personal debt. Perhaps you have been caught by a personal guarantee or are concerned about personal liability for a company tax debt. You might be concerned about the impact of bankruptcy on your directorship. Seeking professional advice in these situations is critical

Consumer Debt

A range of solutions are available depending on your circumstances. If bankruptcy is appropriate we can guide you through the process. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) may be better if you have income and are concerned about your home. If your debts are small and you have few or no assets other options are available


Bankruptcy is always the option of last resort and should only be considered after careful evaluation of alternatives. If alternative solutions are not suitable and bankruptcy is necessary, it is important to be fully appraised about how bankruptcy will affect you


An IVA is generally considered to be the main alternative to bankruptcy. It is nevertheless a major commitment to enter into. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement lasts for 5 years and usually involves monthly payments from income over the 60 month period


Partnership insolvency is a complex area and it is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice as soon as you realise you have a problem. A partnership voluntary arrangement can be implemented alongside separate IVAs where necessary

Debt Relief Order

Debt Relief Orders can be a great option in some circumstances and offer relief from debt without the more serious consequences of bankruptcy or the long commitment of an IVA. The criteria under which DROs can be entered into though are strict

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