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Attention!! New online bankruptcy application process introduced 6 April 2016

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Kealey Consulting offer a 5 step bankruptcy assistance package to people with debts in Liverpool, Merseyside and indeed throughout England and Wales.

We will not only ensure you are fully informed prior to making your debtor's bankruptcy application, but we will guide you every step of the way through the bankruptcy process and assist you in dealing with the Official Receiver, and Trustee in bankruptcy if you have one appointed, right the way through the course of your bankruptcy.

Our 5 step bankruptcy assistance programme

1. First of all, we will make a full and detailed appraisal of your own individual circumstances so that we can determine what the right course of action is. Only after considering all possible debt solutions can we be sure whether filing for bankruptcy is the right path for you to take. This initial assessment of your situation also gives you the chance to ask questions about how bankruptcy will affect you and your family and how your assets, if you have any, will be dealt with. You will likely be most concerned about your family home if you own one and clients are often surprised at the options available within bankruptcy to deal with their property. This first stage of our bankruptcy assistance programme is highly important and you can expect us to be very thorough indeed in appraising your situation.

2. When you are satisfied that bankruptcy is the right solution for dealing with your debts, we will assist you in completing the bankruptcy application online. This is the new system of filing for bankruptcy with effect from 6 April 2016. The online application helps produce your Statement of Affairs which details your assets and liabilities and includes a summary of your income and expenditure. We will be precise and exacting in assisting you in completing your application because the more complete and accurate your Statement of Affairs, the easier the whole bankruptcy process becomes. Just as importantly, a well prepared Statement of Affairs facilitates a much easier interview (often by phone) with the Official Receiver once the bankruptcy order has been made.

3. Once your online application is complete (it does not have to be completed in one sitting), you must pay the bankruptcy fees totalling £680. This consists of the online application fee of £130 and the Official Receiver's deposit of £550. It is possible to pay in instalments but your application will not be considered until the fees are paid in full.

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4. Your application will be considered by an Adjudicator within the Insolvency Service. Once the bankruptcy order has been made you will be contacted by the Official Receiver within a few days. They will want to fix a date to interview you. Unless you had a business your interview will normally be conducted by telephone. If you were self-employed it is likely that you will be asked to attend an interview in person. We will fully appraise you prior to your interview with the Official Receiver so that you know exactly what to expect. Where required, we can attend your meeting with the Official Receiver as well.

5. During the course of your bankruptcy you may need further assistance in dealing with the Official Receiver or Trustee in Bankruptcy. In particular we can help you protect your family home by liaising or negotiating with the Official Receiver or Trustee on your behalf.

In some instances, clients do not want or require our full assistance service and we can tailor our services to meet your needs. You may, for example, just require initial guidance or help completing the bankruptcy application. We will be happy to help you accordingly. Whatever your needs, bankruptcy help is only a call away.

Call us now at our bankruptcy Liverpool office so that we can get started in helping you file for bankruptcy and becoming debt-free in just one year.


Bankruptcy Assistance Liverpool February 2, 2015


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