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Kealey Consulting are well-positioned to serve the needs of Irish nationals who have fallen victim to the crashing of the Irish economy and the dramatic decline in the Irish property market. If you find yourself in financial difficulties as a result, we can help.

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Formal personal bankruptcy in Ireland is currently not an attractive nor viable remedy for many individuals who are insolvent even despite recent regulatory changes . EC Regulations enable an insolvent individual to file their bankruptcy petition in whichever country of the EU they can claim to be their Centre of Main Interests (COMI) regardless of where their debts have been incurred.

You may have read in the press and media that the United Kingdom offers a more attractive bankruptcy regime and that by moving to England or Wales you can file your petition here and be subject to the bankruptcy laws and regulations of England and Wales rather than the more stringent and lengthier process in Ireland. The good news is it is indeed true.

Kealey Consulting offer a personal, tailored service directly to Irish nationals who wish to come and live in England or Wales and rid themselves of debts they have no reasonable prospect of ever paying off. We can guide you through the bankruptcy process in England or Wales, leaving you debt-free and discharged from bankruptcy in 12 months.


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Liverpool has become a popular choice for Irish citizens wishing to declare bankruptcy in England through close cultural links and ease of access back to Ireland. Liverpool County Court and the Official Receiver, Birkenhead are used to dealing with Irish bankruptcy cases which facilitates a smooth bankruptcy process for my Irish clients.

North Wales is also a popular choice for those wishing to file for bankruptcy, with a short hop over the Irish Sea from Holyhead making visits to family and friends easier. Liverpool Airport is close by as well for North Wales based Irish bankrupts.

Wherever you choose to settle in England or Wales, Kealey Consulting have experience the length and breadth of the country of helping Irish citizens free themselves from their debts in just one year.

It is important to appreciate that everyone's situation is different and this option may not be suitable in every case. By taking professional advice now, you will be taking the first step in resolving your debt problem.

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Irish bankruptcy UK December 10, 2013


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